Cotonti Genoa 0.6.2

Bugfixing release

#1. What's new in 0.6.2

  • Fixed bugs in: polls, extra fields, category counters, user birthdates, update checker, new posts on forums, XSS and CSRF protection.
  • XTemplate 2.2 with better cache and less RAM use
See Trac report for more details.

#1.1. Updating from 0.6.1

  1. Remove all files from your datas/cache/templates
  2. Run SQL script sql/patch-0.6.1-0.6.2.sql in phpMyAdmin or some other MySQL client
  3. Update these files with such from the package. You can see exact files that were changed from 0.6.1 in the list below
  4. Add a new option to your datas/config.php:
    $cfg['check_updates'] = FALSE;
    Set it TRUE to enable automatic checking for Cotonti updates, set it FALSE if you don't want it or automatic update checker causes your Administration panel to halt.

Files changed from 0.6.1:

1. 3axap  2010-11-10 21:12
Where is link to detail change list? Post please :)
Need correct /admin/ and /admin/
2. 3axap  2010-11-12 03:21
Прошу прощения, научился прользоваться транком.. Или как там его :)
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