Cotonti Genoa 0.6.12

#1. What's new in 0.6.12

  • jQuery 1.4.4
  • markItUp! 1.1.9 with IE9 support
  • Fixed important security bug in Tags plugin
  • Added support for tags in lists, improved tags markup
  • GET forms are no longer appended the "x" parameter, it is now automatic for POST forms only
  • Improved support for native language domains and native language e-mails
  • Extended structure paths up to 255 characters
  • Fixed search highlighter and improved layout
  • Added output of extrafield titles in news plugin
See Trac report for more details.

#2. Installation

Just follow the INSTALL.txt instructions included in the package.

#2.1. Updating from 0.6.11

  1. Replace these files with updated files:
  2. Apply SQL update sql/patch-0.6.9-0.6.12.sql in phpMyAdmin or any other way.
  3. Optionally, if you use Tags plugin, update these template files:
    - list.tpl as shown here
    - forums.sections.tpl as shown here
    - index.tpl as shown here
  4. Please note also that Tags CSS has now been moved to the skin CSS rather than style.css in plugin's folder. If you need an example of embedding tags CSS in your skin's stylesheet, use "Tag Cloud Fixes" from skins/sed-light/sed-light.css as an example.

View source changes from 0.6.11

#2.2. See also:

1. MIHDev  2010-12-02 17:17
Super, well documented as always chaps, upgraded :)
2. Kingsley  2010-12-03 05:04
says: update plugins/tags/style.css
but that's not in the package anymore..
3. HarryRag  2010-12-03 10:36
Did the update as dis-scribed 3x, in diff ways, didn't work good from the start.
Started updating normal from 0.6.7 tot 0.6.11 and that went fine. 0.6.12 is a horror festival for me or my site.
Last attempt was with over writing all files, accept my custom smilies and config.php, and sed-light as default skin, still a no go.
All tutorials of the updates where done as dis-scribed

All ended up in not being able to make a forum post and see it after the "send" command.
Cleared the whole bb cache and/or html cache, that made all worse, on screen everything was gone, news items, forum posts, signatures, posted images.......... just everything.

was behind on updating, untill 0.6.11 all is perfect, but on .12 the above starts, on our own theme or on sed-light (.12 version) , both have same result with above tutorial on how to do, and executing the .sql file from 9 to 12. ( yes also did the .9 sql update)

Note on post above, read all good and see point 4 to make that correct :O
4. Trustmaster  2010-12-03 16:51
HarryRag, first try cleaning files in datas/cache/templates. Then please describe what's actually wrong, what error messages are shown, etc.
5. 3axap  2010-12-04 06:28
Nice! Tnx!
6. HarryRag  2010-12-05 06:39
@Trustmaster, I tried cleaning that also, the major problem is don't seen any error messages, those would have give me a lead to go to.

The problems is in the visual part after updating.
The whole is done in maintenance mode the whole time.

1 update the files and then run the sql file

2 when i try to post then, i don't see the text of the post, but a post is made (see the whole part with avatar and the div fields, avatar show, rest is empty). all posts don't show the signatures is images or txt.

3 then tried do the normal (for me) clean chache and on bbcode clear html cache, for making sure that all are recreated and no old/fixed stuff can cuase trouble. worked always.

4then tried cleaning the templates part, still a no go.

5 started all over again, with after updating files, update sql, direct clean of templates.
Same result.

6then started all over again, with sed-light as default skin as assuming that my skin would/could be the problem somehow.

Same result with showing forum and news posts after updating, as soon is i clear the caches/templates etc to make sure all is recreated as it should.
The database is still the old size, but no news items show up, all forum post disappear (visual) same goes for the signatures and all other images.

Or do you mean start with a cleaned datas/cache/templates an then start updating?

This is the first time for me in long, started using all before sed, don't even know which of the previous ones of neocrome it was i started at, but i'm stucked at what i discribe.
7. Boss  2010-12-05 13:18
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