Cotonti Genoa 0.6.1

Fixes latest bugs

#1. What's new in 0.6.1

  • New version checkinng admin.php (will notify you of Cotonti Updates)
  • Fixed polls display
  • Fixed a bug in search plugin
  • User birthdate in future is not allowed anymore
  • Fixed FTP urls in page downloads
  • Fixed Admin/Page/Structure display
  • Added group ID in Admin/Users
  • XTemplate 2.1 with pre-cache and space insensetiveness
  • Fixed referers bug
  • Support for multiple ratings on the same page
  • A button to select all PMs
  • Radio buttons for extra fields and a few extra fields improvements
  • BBcode editor for user text in user profiles
  • HTML-cache applied on comments
  • sed_cc() is now deprecated, use htmlspecialchars() directly instead
See Trac report for more details.

#1.1. Updating from 0.0.6

  1. Add these options to your datas/config.php:
    $cfg['xtpl_cache'] = TRUE;		// Enable XTemplate structure disk cach
    $cfg['html_cleanup'] = TRUE;	// Wipe extra spaces and breaks from HTML to get smaller footprint
    $cfg['cache_dir'] = './datas/cache';
  2. Add directories datas/cache and datas/cache/templates, make them writable for PHP (i.e. CHMOD 777).
  3. Upload new files.
  4. Run SQL patch: sql/patch-0.0.6-0.6.1.sql
  5. Ratings need an update, so be sure to udpdate:
    * skins/YOUR_SKIN/ratings.tpl - copy contents from sed-light skin
    * your skin CSS - replace ratings styles with new stiles from sed-light.css, that section starts with
    /* ============== Ratings CSS ============== */

Files changed from 0.0.6:

Changes in skins from 0.0.6 to 0.6.1

1. fedai  2009-08-01 03:13
2. MeDBejoHok  2009-08-11 20:51
PHP >= 5.1 WTF O_o
3. Oughtem  2009-08-16 03:58
не забываем в config.php
$cfg['av_dir'] = '.datas/avatars/';
заменить на
$cfg['av_dir'] = './datas/avatars/';

а то не грузит аватары:)
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