How to convert a old cotonti-skin to a version for >=0.6.5

#1. What to change if you update a skin from cotonti to cotonti >= 0.6.5?

- Check all <!-- BEGIN: xxxx --> and <!-- END: xxxx -->
Be sure spaces are in the correct places, like above.
Only check it if you got errors about xTemplate
Known error:
polls.tpl: <!-- END: POLL_VIEW_DISABLED--> and should be <!-- END: POLL_VIEW_DISABLED -->

- Copy the /admin dir from sed-light skin and copy to yours.
You only need to modify admin.tpl to fit your skin.

- Delete admin-tpl's from your root skin directory /skins/yourskin/
* admin.tpl

- Copy the /plugins dir from sed-light skin and copy to your skin-dir.
This directory is for all tpl's of your plugins.
Copy plugins-tpl's from your root skin directory /skins/yourskin/ to /skins/yourskin/plugins/
* whosonline.tpl
* news.tpl
* tags.tpl
* adminqv.tpl

- Edit the other tpl's in /skins/yourskin/plugins to fit your skin.
Especially search.tpl

- pm.tpl is now split into 2 tpl's
* pm.tpl
* pm.list.tpl
Copy those 2 tpl's from sed-light and you need to adapt them to fit your skin.

- for 0.6.1 and higher ratings need an update
* ratings.tpl - copy contents from sed-light skin
* your skin CSS - replace ratings styles with new stiles from sed-light.css, that section starts with
/* ============== Ratings CSS ============== */

- page.add.tpl and page.edit.tpl

<td colspan="2" class="valid">
<input type="submit" value="{PHP.skinlang.pageadd.Submit}" />

<td colspan="2" class="valid">
<!-- IF {PHP.usr_can_publish} -->
<input name="rpublish" type="submit" class="submit" value="{PHP.L.Publish}" onclick="this.value='OK';return true" />
<input type="submit" value="{PHP.L.Putinvalidationqueue}" />
<!-- ELSE -->
<input type="submit" value="{PHP.L.Submit}" />
<!-- ENDIF -->
Now you can choose as admin to publish directly. Normal users can only put it in validation queue.

- /skins/yourskin/plugins/whoisonline.tpl
Look for:
PHP.L.plu_therescurrently} {WHOSONlINE_VISITORS} {PHP.L.plu_visitors} {WHOSONlINE_MEMBERS} {PHP.L.plu_members}<br />&nbsp;<br />
and replace it by
If you does not do it, you will get: "Now online 0 Array 1 Array"

Hopefully I covered it all.
Good luck with converting our skin.

1. Trustmaster  2009-07-23 04:35
Thank you very much for this HOWTO
2. Trustmaster  2009-07-23 21:27
Added a ratings update note for 0.6.1
3. Dayver  2009-07-30 23:48
- Delete admin-tpl's from your root skin directory /skins/yourskin/
* adminqv.tpl

adminqv.tpl not for admins .... this is plugin tpl
4. pieter  2009-08-10 04:27
Thx Dayver, it is changed.
5. pieter  2009-12-03 05:52
Added the changes for whoisonline.tpl. (bottompart)
Changed also changes for 0.0.6 to 0.6.5
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