Step by step Installation Step by step Installation

How to install Cotonti

#1. Requirements

To install Cotonti for the first time, you'll need to have the minimum following server software pre-installed:

  • WWW Server (Apache, nginx, etc)
  • PHP 5.1 or higher
  • MySQL 4.1 or higher

#2. Server Configuration

You MUST ensure that PHP has been compiled with support for:
  • GD
  • Mbstring
  • MySQL
  • PCRE
  • Sessions
  • Zlib
in order to successfully run Cotonti.

#3. Optional Components

If you want support for SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs,
you'll need mod_rewrite and the ability to use local .htaccess files.

#4. Installation

1. Download the latest Cotonti distribution from the Cotonti website.

2. Unpack the downloaded file on your computer.

3. Open config-simple.php with any text editor of your choice, the file is located in the /datas directory.

4. Update the config-simple.php file with the values you have recieved from your HSP (Hosting Service Provider). The data that needs to be updated is:

* Database host URL. If no host is received from your HSP, leave it to localhost.

* Database user name, as provided by your host

* Database user password

* Database name. The database must exist before you run Cotonti for the first time.

* Site URL. Set this to your site URL. Examples: '', 'http://www.your_site/subfolder'.

5. After update rename config-simple.php to config.php

6. Connect your FTP software to your site, and start uploading the Cotonti distribution to your root directory. You do not need to upload the /sql directory, since it only contains documentation and database creation scripts. Make sure you upload to the right directory. Most HSPs' web directory is /, but a few might have /html, /htdocs or /home as the web root directory. This should however be mentioned in the information received from your HSP. If nothing is mentioned, you assume it is /.

7. There are a number of catalogs that you need to change the write access to (CHMOD). This can easily be performed trough your FTP software. The directories that needs to be changed is:


You can change the rights by right clicking on the directory name and select properties. Then you get the following screen, and can change the rights to 0777.

8. If you want to use a custom skin for your site, you can get it from or elsewhere. Then you need to put it to the /skins folder of your site.

The next step is to update your config.php:

* This should point to your skins's name. It's the name of the directory in /skins folder.

* This should point to your skin's main CSS file. Usually it is the same as skin's name or 'style'. For more information about themes, visit

9. After uploading, we need to create the SQL database that Cotonti is using. Connect with phpMyAdmin or similar to your site, using the username and password received from your Hosting Service Provider.

10. Select Import from the menu when you are logged in.

Clicking Import takes you to the Import screen

11. Browse and select the cotonti-x.x.x.sql file located under /sql. Then press GO to create the Cotonti database.

Importing the sql file, and running it will create your Cotonti database.

12. Now the database is created and your Cotonti distribution is uploaded. Time to access the site. Direct your browser to your site, and you should see your new Cotonti homepage.

13. The final task is for you to register to the site. The first register that registers automatically becomes admin, so register straight away by selecting "Register" in the menu, and fill out your information. After registration is completed, log in to your new site.

14. Congratulations! Your site is now up and running.

Note that additional plugins and languages are
available via

1. gran  2009-02-10 07:28
it is the config-sample.php file that is opened, changes made and then saved as config.php and then uploaded. Remember to change also the mainurl information which is a new thing in Cotonti if you are changing over from Seditio. However I do not understand the statement "remember to keep the before and after values" why keep the before values?
2. Dayver  2009-02-24 02:07
Good job! thx !!!
3. backa  2010-02-21 17:00
Cotonti system requirements: mbstring PHP extension must be loaded.

cn anyone help?
4. sohrabvafaei  2010-02-27 16:38
my site error:
Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Your "./datas/cache/templates/" is not writable' in /home/sovair/public_html/cotonti/system/xtemplate.php:172 Stack trace: #0 /home/sovair/public_html/cotonti/system/xtemplate.php(39): XTemplate->restart('skins/sed-light...') #1 /home/sovair/public_html/cotonti/system/header.php(92): XTemplate->__construct('skins/sed-light...') #2 /home/sovair/public_html/cotonti/system/core/index/ require_once('/home/sovair/pu...') #3 /home/sovair/public_html/cotonti/index.php(20): require_once('/home/sovair/pu...') #4 {main} thrown in /home/sovair/public_html/cotonti/system/xtemplate.php on line 172

my site: this is my site
5. tobto  2010-04-21 04:29
I have the same error. Pls, help!
6. barkerb23  2011-01-16 08:02
okay. i think they forgot. make your datas/cache folder also CHMOD:777
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