Admin Bootstrap

Admin theme based on Twitter Bootstrap


Admin Bootstrap is a custom theme for the Cotonti administration area. The code is hosted on Github, feel free to fork an modify. The download link will give you the latest trunk version. Versioned releases are below.

  • Based on Twitter Bootstrap 2.1
  • Includes templates for all extension tools included in Cotonti by default
  • Enhanced usability of the Extra Fields screen, among others
  • Includes templates for the userlist and user administration*

* Requires admintheme plugin (included) to work

#1. Releases

#2. Changelog

  • [v1.0] Added templates for all admin tools (extensions) which are part of Cotonti's main package.
  • [v1.0] Upgraded to the latest version of Twitter Bootstrap.

#3. Screenshots

admin_bootstrap_home_68.png admin_bootstrap_config_68.png admin_bootstrap_extensions_68.png admin_bootstrap_users_68.png admin_bootstrap_userlist_68.png admin_bootstrap_extrafields_68.png

Note: Some features require Cotonti Siena 0.9.10 or later.

1. Kingsley  25. Mai 2012, 15:17

Nice and clean Gert..
some of your adaptions would fit well with the default package ;)

2. Twiebie  25. Mai 2012, 23:22

Very neat presentation, Gert. Well done.

3. Stam  29. Mai 2012, 23:46


4. Uch  30. Mai 2012, 06:34
5. Nik Samokhvalov  26. August 2012, 14:21

Nice :-)

6. diablo  18. September 2012, 17:44

this should be on main pack

7. GHengeveld  17. Oktober 2012, 08:53

Just released v.1.0.

8. VitDuc  19. November 2013, 17:52

I don't know what I do wrong way but when I select Structure menu item the system gives me this answer:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Loop &lt;!-- FOR {I} IN {PHP.pathfielddep|range(2, $this)} --&gt; not closed' in D:\xampp_54\htdocs\www\cotonti\system\cotemplate.php:649 Stack trace: #0 D:\xampp_54\htdocs\www\cotonti\system\cotemplate.php(1240): Cotpl_block->compile('? <!--...', Array, Array, Array) #1 D:\xampp_54\htdocs\www\cotonti\system\cotemplate.php(710): Cotpl_logical->__construct('{PHP.pathfieldd...', '? <!--...', '', Array, Array) #2 D:\xampp_54\htdocs\www\cotonti\system\cotemplate.php(509): Cotpl_block->compile(' <tr>? ...', Array, Array, Array) #3 D:\xampp_54\htdocs\www\cotonti\system\cotemplate.php(603): Cotpl_block->__construct(' <tr>? ...', Array, Array) #4 D:\xampp_54\htdocs\www\cotonti\system\cotemplate.php(509): Cotpl_block->compile('<div class="btn...', Array, Array, Array) #5 D:\xampp_54\htdocs\www\cotonti\system\cotemplate.php(603): Cotpl_block->__construct('<div class="btn...', Array, Array) #6 D:\xampp_54\htdocs\www\cotonti\system\cotemplate. in D:\xampp_54\htdocs\www\cotonti\system\cotemplate.php on line 649

Great thanks for any help..

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