Blue Monday

A free theme for Siena


Blue Monday is a clean theme for websites running Siena. Note: based on Bootstrap v2.

#1. Installation:

  1. Download and unzip the rar archive
  2. Copy the folder 'bluemonday' into your themes folder.
  3. Enable the theme by setting: $cfg['defaulttheme'] = 'bluemonday'; in datas/config.php.



1. lukgoh  16. Mai 2012, 13:32

Good Job Twiebie. Looking awesome! 

2. schulle4u  16. Mai 2012, 14:37

Thanks, looks like I can start another try to bring my cotonti website back online which is abandoned since siena upgrade. :) I see some localisation problems for example with date format, but this should be very easy to customice in tpl files.

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