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#1 2. März 2013, 14:02

Hello Cotonti World, 

Today I installed cotonti on my local server to check the system and have an idea about it. I successfully installed cotonti and I liked it. But when I tried to change the theme , I failed. I unzipped the skin file "for ex. "blanco" and sent it to the \themes\blanco. And from my profile settings I changed the skin. But I saw the the error " Wrong Url ". I don't know what to do. I'm waiting for your helps. Thank you!

Added 24 minutes later:

I solved the problem guys. themes were for the genoa but I installed the siena version so It was my mistake. I downloaded the themes for siena on this site and used them but I didn't like them so much. I'm looking for a new theme right now.

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#2 6. März 2013, 03:56

Try putting the name of the item in this line


FOLDER datas / ARCHIVE config.php

$cfg['defaulttheme'] = 'nemesis'; // Default theme code. Be SURE it's pointing to a valid folder in ./themes/... !!