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Bootstrap html5 theme for cotonti

#1 3. Februar 2013, 02:35

I want to go ahead and introduce my new theme I've been working. This theme is based on my last theme with bootstrap added in and a few enhancements. So far it is not done, but it is getting there.

Screeny of it so far:

I still have yet to put the slider to full use as I have intended, and there are a few areas I need to put some attention too. But I'm feeling proud and would like to hear suggestions for what I have so far.

Also I have a repository for this so far on github


Suggestions are welcome and needed wink

#2 3. Februar 2013, 07:21

Good start. Would be great to get rid of Nemesis styling in favor of bootstrap styling and reorganize stuff to your own liking. BTW, have a look at one of the existing Bootstrap themes for Cotonti, Booty.

May the Source be with you!
#3 3. Februar 2013, 11:33

I agree with Trustmaster.

It's probably better to build on top of Bootstrap, instead of building with Bootstrap on top of the Nemesis theme.

#4 3. Februar 2013, 13:08

Well I know some of the nemesis styling has to go, but the bullets from it are the thing I'm trying to keep in some way. I still have to move a few things around on the page. Especially where that news block is because that will be in the slider(with the welcome post that the user has persistantly on the first slide of it and say the 5 most recent posts after that). As well I plan to incorporate a accordian in that area where the news is currently where forums and maybe user karma to that slot or something along those lines. As well I have to fix the footer, it's at the bottom of the page but not fully because of a minor gap that is there.

#5 3. Februar 2013, 15:49

Cant wait to see the end result.

Will this be the replcement for Nemesis?

#6 3. Februar 2013, 17:17

Well if it becomes a default that would be great. But I still have some reworking to do and to decide which plugins to incorporate from the plugin db. I still need a media manager so I can set and grab featured images for the slider and set the image shown at the top of content. That and I know I may need to incorporate some more modern fonts like maybe Helvetica or something. I will be only working on it in spare time since I did just get a job. But I do hope to smooth some of the rough spots out soon ;)

Added 1 days later:

Well I have updated the theme to some extent. This includes:

  • menus given from the admin panel slots
  • rewrote to some extent to get rid of nemesis styling and removed remenaints of the col and other width styling id's/class's
  • login page has a rewrite started(not to use for general use until I can get rid of the table used in the default properly)
  • moved the user data that was in the footer up to the header to a drop down and tried to add a search to the header(still need to work on the length of this one)

But hopefully should be done soon. I will post pictures once it is done and replace the ones in the first post. All the updates should be on github.

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#7 5. Februar 2013, 04:24

This very cool