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A free responsive theme for Siena

#1 31. Dezember 2012, 17:46

I've started working on a theme that will be available for free for the community.

The theme is fully responsive and will adjust it's size to the device it's being viewed on.

Beta available on GitHub:

Here is what I've got so far:





Phone (Samsung Galaxy S2):


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#2 31. Dezember 2012, 20:27
Nice) and reddy - мой маленький зарождающийся блог о котонти.
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#3 1. Januar 2013, 16:53

It looks very promising and supporting multiple devices is a 100% hit for 2013.

May the Source be with you!
#4 1. Januar 2013, 18:36

looks good dude..

#5 2. Januar 2013, 00:17
#36671 Trustmaster:

It looks very promising and supporting multiple devices is a 100% hit for 2013.

I'm wondering what the best solution is for providing users with an option to switch between desktop and mobile mode.

Currently the responsive design simply adjusts to the width of the screen that it's being displayed on. This works fine for most pages.
However some pages, for example a forum index, can be rather annoying to view in mobile mode as it contains so much information in width (table with topic title, views, last post, etc.) that it's just not efficient to view it vertically. It would be nice to provide the end-user with an option to switch back to a wider desktop version.

Does anyone have a neat trick for such a feature?

#6 2. Januar 2013, 07:00

You could use MobiSwitcher plugin for that. It supports up to 3 themes: desktop, mobile and tablet.

May the Source be with you!
#7 2. Januar 2013, 18:51

Cheers, will have a look at it.

Added 13 minutes later:

Hmm, it uses multiple themes instead of just stylesheets.
I think I'm going to skip this and just provide the theme as is.

Added 9 hours later:

A quick update:

Forum topic:




Same page but a narrow version:


Added 4 weeks later:

Beta test:

Please submit issues on GitHub.

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#8 28. Januar 2013, 09:35

+1 for multiple color schemes and this gonna be a #1 theme for blogs and business sites for Siena

May the Source be with you!
#9 28. Januar 2013, 11:21

Thanks Trustmaster, any specific colour you'd like to see?

#10 28. Januar 2013, 12:31

I actually got two: blue (the color of official stuff) and green (the color of comfort).

May the Source be with you!
#11 28. Januar 2013, 12:41

Pretty much what I was thinking of already aswell. :)

#12 30. Januar 2013, 04:27

everything looks pretty clear, well yes

#13 30. Januar 2013, 12:27

This should be one of the defaults ;)

#14 30. Januar 2013, 15:11

Cheers for the positive replies, guys!

#15 29. August 2013, 08:23

I just have one question - do you have any idea how to make it work with jQueryUI datetime picker plugin?

Or maybe I did something wrong? Hmm.