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#1 1. Oktober 2012, 13:05

When I search for pages on my site for example I have 15 pages called Pagex and I search using the search plug in for pagex I get no results, I have to type Pagex with a capital P.

Is there a way to get a good result regardless of the capital letter?

#2 1. Oktober 2012, 13:44

It has something to do with your MySQL settings because search is case insensitive by default. It is explained here. Check your tables and columns collations in phpMyAdmin and make sure they have _ci postfix rather than _cs or _bin. Cotonti uses utf8_unicode_ci collation by default.

May the Source be with you!
#3 2. Oktober 2012, 00:41

All have utf8_unicode_ci and I still have the problem

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