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#1 17. November 2011, 15:58

My users can't edit their profile. Can't imagine - where to find that function? Pls, help! Thanks!

#2 17. November 2011, 19:02
#3 20. November 2011, 11:10

Thanks for reply! Yes, I know where 'Profile' is, but when user click on users.php?m=profile he gets message:

'Error of access. It is forbidden you to execute this action. Redirecting...'

How and where I can admin access to user profile edtiting?
Thank you, Cotonties!!


#4 20. November 2011, 13:18

Check admin.php?m=rightsbyitem&ic=users&io=a

Your members should have 'W' (write) access as well as 'R' (read).

#5 7. Juli 2012, 15:46

Oh, man!! You are genius! Thank you very mucho!! My site (0.0.3) has been working almost 2 years without this feature enlightened and now it is ALIVE!!