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Support Multiple Backend Skins

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35 Datum 20. April 2010, 16:02

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#1 20. April 2010, 16:02
Now that it is planned to include a separate backend skin in Siena, I thought it would be nice to have a multiple skin support from the very beginning. The benefits would be as follows:
- make own backend skin with just a few tweaks in the stylesheet
- updates made easy
- switch back to the built-in backend - создание сайтов, разработка плагинов и тем для Котонти
#2 20. April 2010, 16:34
I don't catch the idea of what multiple backend is and how it works.
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#3 20. April 2010, 16:44
If there will be a separate backend skin (probably also set in config just as 'sed-light' is for the whole site), so I think it already indicates that making own backend skins will be possible and easy?
#4 20. April 2010, 17:58
Yes, I am talking about converting a set of admin module tpls into complete skin - создание сайтов, разработка плагинов и тем для Котонти

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#5 25. April 2010, 02:11
#6 25. April 2010, 03:10
Why is this link here?
Has nothing to do with this threat.

Added 1 minute later:

I don't know if it is needed to have multiple skins for admin area.

But it is nice to have tpl's that can be changed easily to have a different layout for the admins.
To make their life easier.
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#7 25. April 2010, 03:37
For Seditio there is/was a corehack available which you could use so although you would force the default skin for all users admins could see a whole different skin. I guess that is kind of whats being asked here or am I like a few miles off? :)

We actually used that for some time when we were working on an updated skin for our live site back than.
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#8 25. April 2010, 04:12
No, in the new release Siena, admin-area has its own skin. Standalone. Nothing to do with the Site-skin
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#9 25. April 2010, 04:21
It's basically a set of tpls. Question is should we have multiple admin skin support so that custom admin skins could be made available for the community, and the "built-in" admin skin could still be kept to ensure 100%-safe administration. - создание сайтов, разработка плагинов и тем для Котонти
#10 25. April 2010, 04:42
Thanks both for the clearification. :)
I see now what it means and its actually a great idea. Having one default admin skin with the possibility to build a custom skin would be a great adittion.
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#11 25. April 2010, 07:08
I think this might be usefull for showing different skins to different user types (moderators, news editors, admins etc). Each of these groups has its own 'main' task, so a custom admin panel for each could improve usability.
#12 3. Mai 2010, 19:33
A totally indepenent backend skin is a must have. Also the ability to have different admin skins is a good idea. I think we could learn some improvements from Joomla CMS Admin panel and backend mode, like:

  • The ability to upload/activate/deactivate/modify not only plugins but also modules/extensions/skins/languages...
  • The ability ti view all articles and directly change their section, category, published/un-published state, front-page publication, trash etc
  • The ability to set in user profile a different language in backend or in admin...

Form Drupal we can learn the ability for number -1-user to login as administrator or as simple user...
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