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#1 22. Februar 2010, 21:27
Now that the modularization is in progress I think we got a possibility to request some resource management features. Particularly I am talking about icons. Right now they are all scattered between the admin & pfs modules, skin img/system folder, root images folder and (sometimes) plugin folders. What I suggest is grouping all icon types in one place, i.e.:
1. All graphics get there, eliminating all possible duplicates
2. Any such global icon will become available anywhere via resource file: any module, any plugin, any skin
3. Skin folder will get smaller
4. Enable icon pack capability, i.e.:
So icon style can be changed easily & globally. Icon packs can be selectable via config.php -- just like skins or languages. - создание сайтов, разработка плагинов и тем для Котонти
#2 22. Februar 2010, 22:54
Add a sprite too :)
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#3 10. März 2010, 00:09
How do we manage iconpacks on a site?
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#4 10. März 2010, 00:58
Kort, bad idea.
Plugin - yes, core - no.
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#5 10. März 2010, 02:17
Sergeich: we are talking here about the way to organize resources
Right now the icons are split between
- images/admin/
- skins/skinname/img/system
- plugin subfolders
Ever since LDU every skin includes same icons which is definitely redundant. An iconpack shall:
1. Stay in the same location (naming agreement?)
2. Be easily interchangeable/replaceable
3. Not depend on a skin/theme
Trustmaster: Iconpacks shall be managed just like skins/themes/languages -- from within config.php - создание сайтов, разработка плагинов и тем для Котонти
#6 10. März 2010, 02:38
What if you have 2 skins that uses a different ican pack?
There should be a way to include the iconpack in the skin.

Advantage if it is not together is that if you install a plugin and want to delete it, you delete also the icons needed for the plugin. Otherwise it will stay in the icon folder.
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#7 10. März 2010, 03:37
My dear Pieter, how many times have you used images/admin/news.gif?
There is a finite number of icons that can be used within a CMS. Even if 1, 2 or even 5 will never be used, the flexibility of operating complete iconpacks is obvious, as compared to non-uniform & outdated icons scattered throughout the engine.

As regards sites with "2 or more skins": 99.9% normal websites use 1, 99% normal sites do not use color schemes. But if you want to satisfy 0.1%, we have skinname.php which can point to a specific iconpack. - создание сайтов, разработка плагинов и тем для Котонти

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#8 12. März 2010, 07:17
I agree with Kort on the location of icon packs / smilies etc. As long as we use resource references to call them there is plenty of flexibility for any skin designer, since he can simply overwrite the resource reference to call his own icon. I think we should include a .php file with each icon pack which you can include (in skinname.php) in order to overwrite all the necessary resource references to apply the icon pack.