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Distinguish (by different Icon) already read PMs in sentbox from other ones

#1 4. Februar 2010, 08:22
I think in system/core/pm/ we could create two categories in sent private messages list:

1) Sent but not already read messages (pm_state=0)
2) Sent and already read messages (pm_state=3)

Then, in tpl, we could distinguish them with a different status-icon...

What do you think?
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#2 5. Februar 2010, 02:55
Yes, I think status icons for PMs is a good idea.
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#3 5. Februar 2010, 04:17
I will make only 2 cats inbox and sentbox
and filters like Gmail ^ all unread starred - мой маленький зарождающийся блог о котонти.
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#4 5. Februar 2010, 04:51

This would be very helpful :)