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things which have no longer use

#1 21. September 2008, 00:26

from line 192 to 223

	elseif ($h=='bbcodes')
		reset ($sed_bbcodes);
		$popup_body = $L['BBcodes']." (".$L['BBcodes_explain'].") :<p>";
		$popup_body .= "<div class=\"bbcodes\"><table><tr>";

		while (list($i,$dat) = each($sed_bbcodes))
			$kk = "bbcodes_".$dat[1];
			if (substr($dat[1], 0, 5)=='style')
				$popup_body .= "<td colspan=\"2\"><a href=\"javascript:add('".$dat[0]."')\">";
				$popup_body .= "<span class=\"bb".$dat[1]."\">".$L[$kk]." &nbsp;</span></td>";
				$popup_body .= "<td><a href=\"javascript:add('".$dat[0]."')\">";
				$popup_body .= "<img src=\"system/img/bbcodes/".$dat[1].".gif\" alt=\"\" /></a></td>";
				$popup_body .= "<td>".$L[$kk]." &nbsp;</td>";

			if ($ii==3)
				$popup_body .= "</tr><tr>";

		$popup_body .= "</table></div></p>";
"Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live."
#2 23. September 2008, 04:32
Yes, I think I have to agree, the BBCODE/Smilies popups are pretty useless anymore, I think they should be removed.

I think they should be replaced by a Page, that builds from the SQL. Like some have a FAQ or BBCODE Help type of thing.