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is there a way?

#1 6. Juni 2009, 00:31
Today i finally tried the Cotonti engine.I see why its better then Seditio.
But can someone help me on the Question: How to transfer Seditios Blackgrail skin into Cotonti.
Actualy,i'w been working for a couple of weeks to make my own skin on the basis of Blackgrail, and i dont want to start from the begining.
So can somebody help me on this problem?Thanks
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#2 6. Juni 2009, 00:53
you need to change the parts from every tpl to the cotonti part.
A lot of copy past. If you need help how, PM me.

I have not a lot of time for the moment, so I give you a quick help to start with.

Easiest way is to download
Or use the default one that is delivered with Cotonti.

Copy all the PARTS from cotonti-skin to your skin.
Your skin has more or less the same part with some difference.
			<td colspan="5" style="background:transparent;">
			<strong><a href="{LIST_ROWCAT_URL}">{LIST_ROWCAT_TITLE} ...</a></strong><br />
			<span class="desc">{LIST_ROWCAT_DESC}</span>

		<!-- END: LIST_ROWCAT -->

Normally 85% of you skin already works.

Open both files one from yours and one from Cotonti skin.

If you open news.tpl from both, you see the difference.
Just copy past.

<!-- BEGIN: NEWS -->
	<div class="lboxHD">News</div>
	<div class="lboxBody">

		<!-- BEGIN: PAGE_ROW -->
	   	<div class="newsTitle">
			<div class="newsDate">{PAGE_ROW_DATE}</div>
			<b><a href="{PAGE_ROW_URL}">{PAGE_ROW_SHORTTITLE}</a></b>
		<div class="newsBody">{PAGE_ROW_TEXT}</div>
		<div class="newsPosted">Posted By: {PAGE_ROW_OWNER}</div>
		<div class="newsOther">Category: {PAGE_ROW_CATPATH} &nbsp;&nbsp; {PAGE_ROW_COMMENTS}</div>
		<!-- END: PAGE_ROW -->
<!-- END: NEWS -->

<!-- BEGIN: NEWS -->
	<div class="lboxHD">{PHP.L.News} :</div>
	<div class="lboxBody">

		<!-- BEGIN: PAGE_ROW -->
	   	<div class="newsTitle">
			<div class="newsDate">{PAGE_ROW_DATE}</div>
			<strong><a href="{PAGE_ROW_URL}">{PAGE_ROW_SHORTTITLE}</a></strong>
		<div class="newsBody">{PAGE_ROW_TEXT}</div>
		<div class="newsPosted">{PHP.L.Poster}: {PAGE_ROW_OWNER}</div>
		<div class="newsOther">{PHP.L.Category}: {PAGE_ROW_CATPATH} &nbsp;&nbsp; {PAGE_ROW_COMMENTS}</div>
		<!-- END: PAGE_ROW -->
<!-- END: NEWS -->

Almost the same, but small diffence.
Copy contonti one to the other.

There will be some extra's. eg for tag system.

Hope this helps
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#3 6. Juni 2009, 01:43
This helped me much.But i cant understand how to connect the CSS file to the skin.It doesn't show the background and the header picture...
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#4 6. Juni 2009, 01:56
that is all in the header

Also give us the link, easier to help
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#5 6. Juni 2009, 03:38
I'w replaced the header's code.Tried to write the full link to the css file.Nothing.It just doesn't see it.

Now i cant give you the link,cause im still finishing it on my local server.

Here are the screens:



The background and the head picture are set up in the CSS with the Background tag.

Here is the current cotontis header.tpl

and this is how it is in seditio's header file:

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#6 6. Juni 2009, 08:13
you need to config your file config.php in datas correct. at some part you need to enter a url, and when you got that url wrong typed it wont show the css file. Cant redirect to that at the moment but some else sure will understand how and where^^
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#7 6. Juni 2009, 16:34
you mean "$cfg['mainurl'] = 'www.cot';" in the config.php ?
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#8 6. Juni 2009, 17:59
indead. But for localhost, I don't know what you should enter.
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#9 10. Juni 2009, 00:33
I'w finally managed to setup my skin normally.
Pieter you were allitle incorect.You dont have to do alot of copy\paste :-)
You just need to copy the skin,and insert the css in the root of the skin and name it as the skin(example: blackgrail.css) and its all.After this just need to change the tags to suit the current plugins.

But still.Thanks for trying to help me.
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#10 10. Juni 2009, 01:04
No, you need a lot of copy-past to have ALL features of Cotonti.
Sometime it is just a small change. One word, a tag, ...

eg: Subforums, Tags, ....
Indead it works without, but you have not all benefits of cotonti.

If I was you I would check it. A lot of work now (not that much), but will save you a lot later on.

If you need all the difference? Check the sed-light from Seditio 125 and Cotonti 0.5.0.
In unix it is only one command to check it.
You will see a lot of changes.
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#11 11. Juni 2009, 04:55
I understand this.But i want to make an art-site.By my idea it doesnt need things like Tag cloud and some other things.One of the main reasons,of which i changed seditio to cotonti was its textboxer.Exactly the opportunity to put 2 textboxers on one page...

But still youre right.I will have a big problem with the forum.This will take some time i think.

Now i must find out how to fix another problem.After i'w changed the skin,the half of the Input Field of the textboxer (on the page.add) went black:

and i dont know where to fix this

Where is the design of the textboxer defined?
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#12 11. Juni 2009, 15:16
Solution is in this topic:

I got the same issue with sed-dark. Last post you can see the solution.
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#13 12. Juni 2009, 01:17
Hey, this error is caused by code BBCode picture.

The site also has audio of the css code is the code that involved white.
#14 16. Oktober 2014, 11:05

yes i have also the same issue with sed-dark. Last post you can see the solution.