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Separate Tag Clouds from Tags

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5 Datum 12. Februar 2009, 00:51

Foren / Cotonti / Core Labs / Archive / Umfrage: Split tags plugin into 2 plugins

One for management, one for clouds display

#1 12. Februar 2009, 00:51
Currently we have a huge tags plugin which is not quite right, because it often needs tweaks for cloud display, which does not affect the other parts.

So I propose splitting this plugin into 2 parts:
  • tags plugin: to add/update/remove tags, display them on pages and search.
  • tag_cloud plugin: to display tag clouds on index, lists and forums.

  • So it will be easier to create custom tag clouds without affecting the basic tags functionality, which will prevent from copy&paste and forks. For example, Ratibor has made a nice version of tag clouds which uses different colors, sizes, avoids JavaScript, etc. If it was just a cloud part, it would be easier to install and maintain.
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    #2 12. Februar 2009, 00:55
    Fully agree
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