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Sad but true

#1 9. Februar 2009, 18:31
We introduced jQuery UI to Cotonti in purpose of standardization: to have a solid toolkit for making widgets and using effects. But unfortunately the library quality is below our expectations for 3 reasons:
  • Bandwidth. This is mostly solved by using a new resource compression tool.
  • Inferiority. In fact the toolkit is incomplete and you still need a lot of third-party widgets.
  • Instability. Currently there is a hundred of unfixed bugs and yet more to come. I tried using 1.6rc6 and it is even worse than 1.6rc5.

  • I'm very disappointed about this, but seems like we have to get rid of jQuery UI until it gets a proper quality.
    May the Source be with you!
    #2 9. Februar 2009, 18:56
    Thats fine with me, I think the JS needs to be some how a bitmore organized in some ways. If you ever try to look at the source and such, it just feels all thrown together
    #3 10. Februar 2009, 04:58
    I have removed jQ UI from trunk and used some small simple plugins instead. Though, some assistance is needed on CSS layouts of smiley box and multi-tab pages. Also it all needs to be tested.
    May the Source be with you!