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#1 15. Januar 2009, 23:42
There are a lot of time waste including user information in places like forums. Like user location, age vs.vs. Instead we can only show user name, and post info. And we can put a little info icon to show user's details in an popup ajax box.

I don't know, today internet is only information. No need to that old shiny stuff, if needed, we can use Ajax.

This is not only about user information or forums, you can derive a lot of stuff about this, I think worth discussing.
#2 16. Januar 2009, 03:36
Disagree. If talking forums, every community is special. For example, in some communities people would like to see what country or city the poster is from without doing anything else. On other sites that might be postcount. On other site that is his CPU family. On other site it is his favorite music genre. And that is so important that nobody would like to click any links.

On the other hand, talking performance, providing all the information a query may return produces almost 0 overhead. If you do the same with multiple requests via AJAX, that wastes a lot of resources.
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