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A simple way to let the users on your site thank each other

#1. Features

  • Just a simple "Thank you!" button, no negative karmas and karma wars, no offense.
  • Users can thank each other for pages and forum posts.
  • Tags to output thanks count for a user. A page listing all thanks received by a user.
  • The number of thanks per user and per day are limited.

#2. Installation

  1. Download and unpack the plugin to plugins/thanks.
  2. Install and configure the plugin in Administration panel.
  3. Add the necessary tags to your page.tpl, forums.posts.tpl, users.details.tpl and other templates, see example below.

Example tags in page.tpl:

<!-- IF {PAGE_THANK_CAN} -->
	<p><a href="{PAGE_THANK_URL}" onclick="return confirm('{PHP.L.thanks_ensure}')"><strong>{PHP.L.thanks_thanks}</strong></a></p>
<!-- ENDIF -->

Example tags in forums.posts.tpl:

	<a href="{FORUMS_POSTS_ROW_THANK_URL}" onclick="return confirm('{PHP.L.thanks_ensure}')">{PHP.L.thanks_thanks}</a>
<!-- ENDIF -->
And where you want to display current thanks count and link:

Example tags in users.details.tpl:

	<td><a href="{USERS_DETAILS_THANKS_URL}" title="{PHP.L.thanks_for_user}">{USERS_DETAILS_THANKS} {USERS_DETAILS_THANKS_TIMES}</a></td>

You can also use {*THANKS}, {*THANKS_URL} and {*THANKS_TIMES} tags wherever all user-specific tags are available (* stands for a tag prefix specific to that area or block).

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Warning: No tags found in ./plugins/thanks/thanks.setup.php

2. Evil  14. Oktober 2011, 03:55

Как можно решить вопрос с сокрытием кнопки "Спасибо" после голосования?

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