Articles and Tutorials contest Articles and Tutorials contest

Write an article about Cotonti and win a prize

We are glad to announce you a new challenge that any member of Cotonti community can participate in: articles and tutorials contest. If you've got some experience with Cotonti and you'd like to share with the others, write an article in English and win one of the prizes:

  • $100 for the 1st prize winner;
  • $75 for the 2nd greatest article;
  • $50 for the 3rd place;
  • $25 for other quality articles posted on popular tech sites/blogs.

The contest starts now and we will be accepting submissions until August 20th.

For more information and contest rules read this article further.


#1. Rules

The terms of the contest are the following:

  1. An article must be in English. Automated translations are not acceptable.
  2. An article must consist of at least 750 words. Alternatively, screencasts and video tutorials are accepted.
  3. An article should be based on recent version of Cotonti Siena.
  4. An article should contain necessary screenshots and code snippets.
  5. Cotonti Team members can participate but they can't vote for themselves.
  6. Participants can send in any number of articles.
  7. Cooperation between participants is allowed.
  8. The Cotonti Team has the right to modify and/or publish submissions for use in the Cotonti Documentation.

#2. Suggested topics

Submissions should cover one of the following topics:

  • Overview of Cotonti features and advantages.
  • Creating a certain type of website with Cotonti (blog, corporate, community, ecommerce, etc.)
  • Creating a Cotonti theme.
  • Creating a Cotonti extension (module/plugin).

#3. Prizes

As mentioned above, the prizes are:

  • $100 for the 1st prize winner;
  • $75 for the 2nd greatest article;
  • $50 for the 3rd place;
  • $25 for other quality articles posted on popular tech sites/blogs.

The appropriate amount will be sent to the contender's PayPal account after the publication of contest results. Other payment methods are unsupported.

#4. Judgment

Submitted articles will be evaluated and judged by several jury members consisting of the most active/experienced community members, members and ex-members of Cotonti Team. The exact list of the judges will be posted here later. Check for updates if you are interested.

Each jury member will have to write a short review for each article giving his set of points for several aspects. The points are then averaged and the prizes are awarded depending on the average points. The evaluated aspects are:

  • Informational content - how completely the topic is covered.
  • Presentation - language, clarity, illustrations.
  • Community value - how important the input for community and project is.

#5. Submission

There are several ways to submit your article when it is ready:

  1. Submit a page in the appropriate section of Documentation on this site with [Contest] in page title.
  2. Send a full HTML copy of the page by email to contest [at] cotonti [dot] com.
  3. Publish the article on a popular site or your personal blog and send a link by email to contest [at] cotonti [dot] com.
  4. For screencasts and video tutorials: upload it to YouTube, Vimeo or other video hosting and send us a link by email.

The deadline is on August 20th. After that there will be a week for judges to write their reviews and the results will be published around September 1st.

1. elfrenazo  2012-06-20 05:33

excellent initiative

2. Wadik  2012-06-21 17:57

Жаль, что статью на английском нужно.

3. Trustmaster  2012-06-22 09:13

If you write a good article in your language you can cooperate with somebody to translate it into English and submit it!

4. Oughtem  2012-06-22 17:32

да, действительно жаль, что основа основ - FAQ ориентируется на инглиш

5. Chip  2012-06-25 05:35

It has been a long time since I last used Seditio and Cotonti. It might be hard for me to write about this newly created engine. Good luck to others.

6. GHengeveld  2012-06-25 07:55

Chip: You could try Siena once more, then write an article about your experiences. You don't have to be an experienced user to participate.

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