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beta release of the medilib gallery

young mone
#136 03.10.2009 05:53
ok thanks
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#137 12.10.2009 07:46
So who will tell anything, there is this plugin slide show?

Added 1 hour 24 minutes later:

how to assign a file of the day?

Added 18 hours 38 minutes later:

Вижу, поддержка здесь моднячая!!!!!!!!

I see support here modnyachaya!!!!!!!!!!!

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#138 13.10.2009 14:14
For me there is NO slideshow.
Picture of the day was already stated above and asked by myself. Didn't know it also.

# pieter : How do I add a POTD/POTW/... ??
The POTD, wee, month,year. Is the best rated pic between those dates, On the index page if no best rated pic for that day is found, it backtracks till it finds the last best rated.

so really it is the best post of the day, month, year.

Thought that was the easiest way to show "posts of the day". Rather than have a huge list and rely on admins to click "set as potd". Which is better?
What do people like? I thought it would be good to be able to see "best pic of this day". Then at the end of the day, uc an see which was rated best, because it becomes POTD.

Original post
... can we help you ...
#139 21.10.2009 06:14
A'll show please.
What is happening with the rights?.
All I can deliver, itself (ie admin) - no ... ... ..

Added 4 days later:

С правами по ходу кусками розобрался.
Нужно ручками поправлять в базе `sed_auth` (INSERT INTO `sed_auth` VALUES (5, 'medialibrary', '11', 135, 255, 1);), если не стоит 135, труба админ даже папку с файлами не видит.

With right-hand pieces rozobralsya.
It is necessary to correct the handles in the database `sed_auth` (INSERT INTO `sed_auth` VALUES (5, 'medialibrary', '11 ', 135, 255, 1)), if not worth 135, pipe even admin folder with files not see.

Added 4 days later:

Подскажите по воду водяного знака.?
1. Как убрать проценты (что бы вставлялся в картинку в оригинальном размере.)
2. Как установить единый водяной знак для всех пользователей.

'll Show on the water watermark.?
1. How to remove the interest (which would be inserted into the picture in original size.)
2. How to install a single watermark for all users.

Відредаговано: ssergo (29.10.2009 09:16, 13 років тому)
#140 29.10.2009 18:53

As well as where to change? Has not found.
Лишь утратив всё до конца, мы обретаем свободу...
#141 01.11.2009 16:49
# Killer : As well as where to change? Has not found.
Some do not understand the question .....
#142 01.11.2009 17:42
It is necessary that a show slide it was thumbed through not on a vertical, and across on the main page of gallery.
Лишь утратив всё до конца, мы обретаем свободу...
#143 11.11.2009 22:56
Кто может подсказать как к категории прикрутить комментарии?
Комментарии есть в просмотре файла. Как сделать что были на всю категорию?

Who can tell how to tie in the category of comments?
Comments are to view the file. How to make that were on the whole category?
#144 27.11.2009 18:59
How to do a random image is displayed not only in the index but also in the footer. If this is possible.
#145 22.01.2010 02:51
I installed it and like it but... I cannot get "upload multiple files" work.
I don't understand why. I can just see blinking part of the form then I am left with a form where I cannot click anything to do a multiple upload. Please, suggest me where I have mistaken.

This is the link
#146 26.01.2010 09:03
Нужно просто еще раз нажать Выбрать файл. То есть - выбрать файл - выбрать файл - загрузить.......

It is needed simply once again to press to Choose a file. That - to choose a file - to choose a file - to load.......
#147 28.01.2010 06:59
Thank you, Ssergo. I finally understood how to do the multiple file upload :)
#148 14.03.2010 11:55
# Nafanya : How to do a random image is displayed not only in the index but also in the footer. If this is possible.

dont think i coded that this time, cant remember.. :S

but its not hard to do, if ur still interested. Im sure i probably made a tag for it no
? i cant remember.
#149 26.04.2010 02:54
anyone have russian lang file for that?

Добавлено 10 Минут спустя:

ouh... anyway - I can't use it in case it is not using PFS (((

Добавлено 20 секунд спустя:

and dunno why - I can't upload files into it

Відредаговано: booka (26.04.2010 03:05, 13 років тому)
#150 14.05.2010 07:05
русский есть, правда перевод личный. Интересно кричи.

Файлы грузятся нормально, иногда бывают проблемы с лисой (если не установлены плуги).
Под Оперой проблем нет (но нет слайд-шоу на главной) в лисе есть, даже без плагинов.

Да и в общем плуг СУПЕР - если приложить чуток рук....
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