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switched off for maintenance reasons

Mutlu Yıllar, Hoşgeldin 2016!

Yeni yılınız kutlu olsun.

Cotonti and the EU e-Privacy Directive

Information regarding the new EU Cookie Law and Cotonti

Happy New Year 2012!

Congratulations and gifts for the community

Cotonti Developer Tools 1.3

A tool to generate plugins and convert from Genoa to Siena

Plugin Conversion Campaign

Convert plugins from Genoa/Seditio to Siena and earn money!

Cotonti goes Social!

Cotonti development has been moved to GitHub

Server Maintenance Apr 12-13 2011

Upgrading the server distribution

Cotonti 1.00 geliyor

Nisan ayında bitirilmesi planlanıyor

End-of-life for Seditio

New IRC Chat

Cotonti Server Move

Cotonti Skin Competition

A contest for best skins

Web Server Change

Cotonti Donations

Cotonti Video Tutorials


Upcomming Deadline / Complete Freeze

Some notes along the way

What we need to keep in mind while working on next release

More guides online

Important organizational articles

Site Updates

Welcome !

Cotonti Community Launched