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#1 2016-11-26 12:28

Which extensions and skins should be used to run a catalog-site in Cotonti framework? In form it is similar marketplace project to this one: but with different content. Propositions and suggestions are appreciated.

#2 2016-11-29 21:20

It's not a common catalog-like site, as I see. Most relative to your needs is a «Freelance» project. It's an unofficial add-on to Cotonti CMS, that utilizes ability for  two groups of users. First is posting some service offers, second search for it and buy some. But this project has a bit of disadvantages for you:

  • it's not developed any more (as I know)
  • it's oriented on russian market (so not numerous documentation is all in russian)
  • and last — as it's not official pack you can not find sufficient support for it on our site.
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