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Improving readability and UX

#1 2016-01-02 20:59


as noted here we doing some work to fresh up design (nevertheless a totally new design is still in progress)…
One stage of this renewal is reworked styles for page content (text styling on common pages, especially Documentation pages),

So here I put a sample text to see and test new post styles (it's not a final version and still under development):

Heading H2

Heading H3

Heading H4

Heading H5
Heading H6
#38302 Wadik:
#38298 Sergey:
Some quoted text. Inner quoting.

Quoted post text

Just a paragraph text. Some marked text are highlighted.

Regular blockquote


Simple code block:

<iframe class="cke_wysiwyg_frame cke_reset" frameborder="0" src="" style="width: 100%; height: 100%;" title="Визуальный текстовый редактор, translate_text" aria-describedby="cke_74" tabindex="0" allowtransparency="true">
<!DOCTYPE html>

Another one marked with:

[.code pre] block

Another text with link to users page.

Some inline coding.

Here you can see shortcuts styling: «press Ctrl-R to reload this page».

New Cotonti-style for Code syntax highlighting blocks:

 * Return array of pages data
 * @param string $code Category code
function toc_load_pages($code)
	global $cfg, $db, $db_pages, $sys, $i18n_locale, $db_i18n_pages, $i18n_read;

	static $sort_field = null;
	static $sort_order = null;
	static $second_sort = '';

	$pages = array();
	$use_i18n = $cfg['plugin']['toc']['use_i18n'];

	// get i18n info if available
	if ($use_i18n && cot_plugin_active('i18n') && $i18n_locale && $i18n_read && cot_i18n_enabled($code))
		$join_columns .= ',i18n.*';
		$join_condition .= " LEFT JOIN $db_i18n_pages AS i18n ON i18n.ipage_id = p.page_id AND i18n.ipage_locale = '$i18n_locale' AND i18n.ipage_id IS NOT NULL";
		$i18n_active = true;

Added 1 week later:

More over, now we had same styles inside CKEditor instance by default.
правильный хостинг —

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#2 2016-01-16 10:46

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