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#1 2014-11-06 17:35

Hi all,

I got some issues on a guestbook run by Cotonti, hopefully the community could help me out.

All right, I download a plugin here:, also, there's a Siena version of it (see a esclkm comment below). Installataion is fine. But than, all the posts have a bunch of characters you didn't include in the input field. For instance, if you white a post

Here's a first string.

And here's a second string.

While there's a link:

here's what it will be transformed into:

<p>Here's a first string.</p>rnrn<p>And here's a second string.</p>rnrn<p>While there's a link:</p>

(with no link parsed, but I'm not sure Editor automatically parses a link, but whatever.) I was thinking that for the guestbook, it's worth turning the Editor off. So, in guestbook.php, I just eleminated class=\"editor\" in the textareas. And, for the same sample text as above, here's what the posts now look like:

Here's a first string.rnrnAnd here's a second string.rnrnWhile there's a link:

As you see, it's a bit better, but again, these rnrn are freaking. I feel fine with no Editor in guestbook, but how do I get rid of these rnrn? Any ideas?

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All right, I asked the best PHP-programmer ever, my girlfriend, and she helped me out. :)

Here's a zipped guestbook.php, just replace the original and bugged guestbook.php with mine, and the plugin should work properly.

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