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#1 2011-11-14 18:32

Hello everybody,

I changed a value (cache true) in the config.php and since then my Cotonti Genoa 0.6.20 site doesn't work anymore. The browser says I need install.php

How can I get the site back without restarting from install.php?

Added 41 minutes later:

OK, since the database was not populated yet, I deleted it, uploaded install, went through the install procedure and got my site back.

My question is - cannot I change anything in config.php and upload it after the site is installed? Shall I do any operation only through the administration panel?

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#2 2011-11-14 19:35

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#3 2011-11-14 19:51

0.9.4 ?

It is really confusing for me

#4 2011-11-14 20:03

What editor did you use? It might be that you left a BOM mark and so Genoa protested and ceased to function properly. ^^

Use Notepad++ for editing php files, very handy.

#5 2011-11-14 20:27

To make things clear:

  • There are currently 2 major versions of Cotonti, which are 0.6.* (Genoa) and 0.9.* (Siena). These two are not fully compatible, which is why we offer both packages and both are actively maintained (at least until we release 1.0 a.k.a. Valencia).
  • You can find the version number you are using at or in datas/config-sample.php (if you open it in an editor).
  • We recommend NetBeans for editing PHP files (among others), most core developers use it. It's awesome. Notepad++ is fast but very limited for programming, I only use it for 'quick edits' that often aren't part of a larger project.

From the fact that Cotonti requests install.php I figure you're using Siena, not Genoa. What probably happened is this:

  1. You uploaded the site and configured it using the installer. The installer modified config.php on the server to save the configuration values you provided during installation.
  2. You modified your local (offline) version of config.php, which didn't include the changes that the installer made, and uploaded your local version to the server. Since your version didn't have all the config info stored by the installer, you lost all that and your site went down because it was unable to connect to the database.
  3. Cotonti requests you to use install.php to re-install the site because it's instructed to do so by the $cfg['new_install'] variable in config.php, which is set to 1 by default. Changing this to 0 will stop Cotonti from redirecting you to install.php and serve index.php as normal.

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#6 2011-11-15 01:03

Thank you for your replies. Now it is clearer.