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What plugins would you like to see? Post your ideas here.

#1 2010-11-16 09:28
Following up to the wishlist for core features, I'd like to gather a list of plugins that would be nice to have for Cotonti.

Please provide ideas for plugins, with a title and a short description. I will merge new ideas into this post and keep track of discussion around specific ideas. You may post improvements/additional features on listed ideas also. Ideas listing will be alphabetical.

For inspiration:
Neocrome Seditio plugins
T3 Seditio plugins
T3 LDU plugins
BHS-D Seditio plugins
BHS-D LDU plugins

Advanced News

Modified news plugin which supports manual ordering of articles on the front page, to allow editors to determine the priority of news items on the homepage. This is the way most news agencies work.
Suggested by: Koradhil
Additional features: photo attachment to show on frontpage; define 'blocks' of content.
Kort: News should be reviewed and decoupled from date_begin and date_expire (perhaps add newsitems lifetime period to the config). Once its done, bumping news would become easy with PAGEEDIT_FORM_DATENOW.
ez: Working on a randomimg for index.
Kingsley: Page Avatar misses the option to delete the current avatar when editing a page, and the option to use an image multiple times.
Kort: modify/delete functionality is in v2 and with Siena will have the option to re-use an image.

Assets (site files)

Attach files to a page or to a page category. When linked to a category the file will show up in list view. When removing a file complain if it's in-use by a page/category. Basically it will treat files as if they are pages themselves, making for example Word documents part of the website structure and allowing for more flexible stucture/content management.
Suggested by: Koradhil
ez: Possible integration into myfiles plugin
Koradhil: myfiles plugin should maybe use structure API (work in progress for Siena, its a generic system based on existing pages structure/categories system and will be used by pages and forums module)
Kort: For pages his is already done with Page Avatar. Once extrafields are supported in lists we'll amend the plugin for lists too.
Trustmaster: There's the Attachments plugin.
Accepted solution: Use Attachments plugin, update it to contain described features (including re-using files).

Automated ranking system

If user reaches e.g. 100 posts, user moves to next group. with room to exclude groups for automated ranking, off course.
Suggested by: Kingsley
Koradhil: There used to be a plugin for this which worked with user levels instead of groups.

Award system

Users gain awards when users completely fill in their profiles, reach xx forum post, and xx pages, xx comments, (additional with a friends plug-in; reach xx friends) etc, think you'll get my drift. Maybe even with a part where users can give each other awards for stuff they do. And awards that can be given by site admin(s) to users who do something special for site/community.
Suggested by: Kingsley
Koradhil: Related plugins: user wall, karma, forumcolors, forumshop

ezStats / XsCCS

MoH/BFBC2 leaderboard from sixbitunder. Squads, games and matches displayed in users profile.
Suggested by: Kingsley

Mobile browser detection

Use different stylesheet or redirect to mobile site if visitor is detected to be using a mobile phone or tablet.
Suggested by: Koradhil

User comment rating

Allow users/visitors to rate comments and (optionally) sort the comments by rating. Useful for Q&A functionality (best answer will end up at the top). Can be linked to user kudos.
Suggested by: Koradhil
Kort: Would suggest standalone Q&A plugin.
Trustmaster: I developed "Reviews" plugin for Seditio quite long ago. Can revamp it if necessary.
Trustmaster: I have developed a complex Q&A solution based on forums (adds Q&A topics to forums), it can become public if the customer company agrees with it.

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#2 2010-11-16 20:58
Assets: has anyone ever used Attachments plugin which has been available since Seditio? It seems to me like this wheel constantly keeps being reinvented, including file fields in Siena.

User comment rating: I developed "Reviews" plugin for Seditio quite long ago. Can revamp it if necessary.

Q&A: I have developed a complex Q&A solution based on forums (adds Q&A topics to forums), it can become public if the customer company agrees with it.

P.S. I'd like to see a discussion here rather than just wishlist and posts being removed too soon.
May the Source be with you!
#3 2010-11-16 21:12
Fine, let's open up the discussion.

Topic is now open for discussion, but please stay ontopic. This topic is for:
  • Providing new ideas
  • Improving listed ideas
  • Providing (alternative) solutions for ideas

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#4 2010-11-16 22:07
I think we miss a good gallery, fully working.
Something link URLKILLER made.
... can we help you ...
#5 2010-11-16 23:59
Yes, gallery is the most requested addition. There are several solutions, but none of them is ultimate.
May the Source be with you!
#6 2010-11-17 00:36
@ trust


I was thinking about this "lack of plug-ins" problem Cotonti has. Wouldn't it be an idea to set-up some kind of financial support for it?

Sounds a bit dumb, I know, but hear me out. Let's say lots of users want a gallery, but they can't built it for whatever reason, and you guys are way to busy with the core. So no quality gallery, or it'll take ages before it gets there.

Set up a fund to cover the cost of a plug-in. Now people can donate for the creation of that specific plug-in (which of course will end up for free use with Cotonti). This way the plug-ins stay of a certain quality (it's been made by a professional, instead of guys like.. well, me), and you get a larger amount of plug-ins. Benefit for the users is that the costs for a plug-in will be carried by many.

My clan simply hasn't enough income to, next to gaming peripherals, pay for creation of complete and complex plug-ins, but we have enough to support building of such things.

Just an idea that I'm throwing out there, but I think it's worth considering.
#7 2010-11-17 00:40
The ultimate solution has long ago been there: page avatar + pages/lists + news plugin + jquery. This is the only simple way to provide search / tags / comments / ratings / slideshows etc. I just do not understand people asking to fix all those seditio-style usergals using their own structure and patched from time to time without real support.
As regards BHS/T3/neocrome, this stuff is useless since it is obsolete, not supported, not cotonti-friendly, so normally you do not want to use anything from there, and coding from scratch is in fact much faster. - создание сайтов, разработка плагинов и тем для Котонти
#8 2010-11-17 00:46
I'm currently working on the creation of photo gallery plug-in.

It also will can be used as a user photo album with ab_blogger plugin.

Donation can accelerate the process:)
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#9 2010-11-17 00:51
@ kort

Ppl are not asking for Seditio style shizzle, they are asking for things to improve there site. how it's programmed and made isn't really the point for them.

But you have a fair point when you say that lack of support by plug-in makers is a killer. Hence my suggestion to try it with help of donations..
#10 2010-11-17 01:28
I don't agree that "page avatar + pages/lists + news plugin + jquery" is the ultimate solution. You can't get anything like DeviantArt or Flickr with it. Gallery communties and gallery section on a business site are actually different things.

This leads us to the the main idea about getting such things done: specify the requirements before the implementation is started. If we manage a way to combine requirements of 80% of the community, then such collaborative Gallery project is possible. The same is for Blogs, which is the 2nd most requested feature and also has uncertain insights.
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#11 2010-11-17 01:47
So lets make these requirements and build it ?
There are multiple galleries out there in jquery and cotonti has lots ways to make these work.


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#12 2010-11-17 01:49
Flickr-level gallery is not what an average website owner needs. All wishlist requests are of two types: stupid (free e-shop / multi-user social network blogs) or unbelievably easily achievable (QA, galleries).
Imho, Cotonti still has too many "faulty" areas inherited from Seditio, and that is what we should focus on, rather than wishlists. - создание сайтов, разработка плагинов и тем для Котонти
#13 2010-11-17 04:08
New plugin

I have released my teaser kinda plugin to show randomly images and text on the index.

Take it EZ and try this one guys :)
==- I say: Keep it EZ -==
#14 2010-11-17 05:45
Kort: If your solution to the gallery thing is so great, I'd love to see a tutorial on how to make all those different things work together (and continue to work together). I'm pretty sure I could get something working, but most people aren't that skilled with Cotonti development (or even PHP in general).

As to the suggestion of funding: I don't think it will help much. In the end you just have to have someone who's passionate and serious about developing something. Actually there have been some attempts. I do think people could ask for a donation once they've actually contributed something, but that's up to the author.
#15 2010-11-17 16:37
# Koradhil : Kort: If your solution to the gallery thing is so great, I'd love to see a tutorial on how to make all those different things work together (and continue to work together). I'm pretty sure I could get something working, but most people aren't that skilled with Cotonti development (or even PHP in general).
There you go, Sherloсk:
Elapsed time: 1 hour
Required skills: only basic HTML/CSS knowledge
Budget: 0
Used resources: Page Avatar, Depag, Shadowbox jQ gallery
Scope of work:,,,, CSS styles
What is there: native search, tags, comments and ratings support
What is not there: PFS
What else: once ticket 571 is done, you can have tags in the list
More examples: portfolio and FAQ

Documenting is your domain, so feel free to use this to write one. - создание сайтов, разработка плагинов и тем для Котонти

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