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#1 2008-12-10 06:13
I haven't found topic about it ( i even used search )

Have you considered multi-quote option in forums?

For example, i'm reading the topic and I want to quote kilandor, lombi, oc.

So near the quote button of their post, there's a button "multi quote". I click that button in their posts and mark-it-up collects all 3 quotes. Fast and easy!

Instead of selecting the part of text i want to edit in kilandors post, than going to markitup, clicking quote, writing "kilandor" in "who you want to quote", pasting the text i selected into markitup..

and then doing this 2 more times for lombi and oc..

hope i made myself clear.. this feature can be seen on vbulletin :)

so, what's your opinion?
#2 2008-12-10 17:16
Actually this feature was developed for IPB and was one of the core features over vbulletin for a long time :)

And yea, it would be useful, along with most of the other features we're missing like

- email notifications
- file attachments
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#3 2008-12-10 22:31
Agreed. Is there anyone to code this soon? Otherwise we'll keep it for later, when some more important things are done.

Added 412 days later:

This feature is implemented in forumplus plugin, so I put this into the Archive.
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