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Subscribe to a topic by email or PM

#1 2009-02-09 00:47
This is a port of the Notifier plugin by Neocrome from LDU/Seditio.

- Subscribe to a topic by email or PM
- Sends email/PM when there's a new post

New in v2.0:
- Automatic subscriptions, can be set in user profile
- Uses sed_auth instead of usr['level']
- Fully localisable (includes EN and NL language files)

- Extract and upload files
- Backup your database
- Run sed_notifier.sql on your database
- Go to admin > plugins > notifier > install all
- Check for any missing tags

> Download

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#2 2009-02-09 01:04
Cool! Thanks for the good work!
May the Source be with you!
#3 2009-02-09 01:35
It would be nice to see this plugin in action here at ;-)
#4 2009-02-09 01:41
# Koradhil : It would be nice to see this plugin in action here at ;-)

Good idea
... can we help you ...
#5 2010-03-28 22:55

I'm getting an error 950 when trying to subscribe to a topic using the dropdown box. Log says the following:

A variable type check failed, expecting G/INT for 'q' : plug.php - /home/forums/plug.php?e=notifier&a=add&id=f3&by=em

If I understand right, the script expects numeric values, but they are someting else. Any thoughts how to fix this? Using 0.6.7.

#6 2010-03-29 14:36
In the plugin file, look for something like
$id = sed_import('id', 'G', 'INT');

Replace 'INT' with 'ALP'.
#7 2010-03-29 18:23

the best match I can find is line 34:

$id = sed_import('id','G','STX');

Replacing 'STX' with 'INT' doesn't change anything. There is only one line that has an 'int' value, and that is the $userid on line 36:

$userid = sed_import('userid','G','INT');

Replacing this with 'ALP' ends in the same result.

#8 2010-03-29 20:24
Whoops sorry I meant:

$q = sed_import('q', 'G', 'INT');
Changing INT to ALP.

But I think the problem lies elsewhere, not in the URL. The error you're getting is caused by importing a variable, expecting it to be an integer (INT), but the actual value is not an integer. 'ALP' will allow for alphanumeric characters. You may also try 'TXT'.

Possibly this value is already imported by the Cotonti core. In that case you cannot use the $q variable (in the URL), you'll have to replace it with another variable name.

Bu konu Koradhil tarafından düzenlendi(2010-03-29 20:30, 14 yıllar önce)
#9 2010-03-29 22:27

just to clarify: it's not me who has developed this plugin, I just would like to use it. ;)
But I've found out what's causing the problem. The plugin doesn't like my SEO URL settings. Removing the forum setting from urltrans.dat and .htaccess makes it work.

#10 2010-09-03 01:17
This is Russian Language for Notifier plugin :)
Русский перевод плагина Уведомлений :)
Лучший способ рассмешить бога - рассказать ему о своих планах на будущее...
#11 2012-01-31 23:52

hey, sory for bumping topic up but the plugin gave me error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function sed_stripbbcode() in /home/------/www/plugins/notifier/notifier.forums.send.php on line 53

im too tired now to look to deeper now, ill see 2morow if ill be able to do smth

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#12 2012-02-01 01:23

what exactly does it do?

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#13 2012-02-01 08:16

it happens when ppl clicking "REPLY" in forums, then page go white with that error

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#14 2012-02-01 08:19

Notifier allows users to subscribe to a forum topic. When a new message is posted in the topic, all subscribers receive an email notifying them of the new post.

The current notifier plugin is ancient, it's based on an old LDU plugin. Recently I've been working on it to make it work with Siena, but that's not done yet. Actually I ended up rewriting the PM module instead. When that's done, I'll continue working on the notifier.

#15 2012-02-01 15:25

im not trying to complain :) just noticed a bug and i was thinking that u might be interested :)

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