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Give each letter it's own look.

#9980 2009-03-14 16:54
# TwistedGA : Colored Usernames. We've assigned them using CSS by GroupID(good for showing moderators, unfair to members). We've assigned them by UserID(fair to members, give moderators bold, or other style). These methods are very effective but require a lot of space in your CSS files, and lack a very nice feature to have. MultiColored names. Such as "nismo240". The ability to assign each individual letter's color, style, weight, ect.

Heres a screenshot of a username with random color change in it in action, I probably should have made them alternate but wheres the fun in that. Fades are awsome.

Link for 0.0.7:
Not to sound rude, but your code isn't even efficient. It issues a SQL query to the database for each user name displayed per page. So say you were looking at a forum topic that had 10 posts that is 10 extra queries. I made a core hack for LDU/Seditio years ago, on my own site though I recycled the code and it doesn't issue a query for each user. You can see an example of what it, here:
<a href=""></a>