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#38123 2013-10-07 10:34

I've updated this plugin to work with newest php class so that we can connect with twitter's newest API 1.1 - the old one got deprecated on march 2013.

Usage (because there's no proper Readme):

1. Sign in to the and register an application from the page. Click on Create My Access Token link and retrieve your own access token. Now you have consumer key, consumer secret, access token and access token secret. BTW, Your app should have read&write permissions.
2. Install plugin and put the data above in Plugin settings.
3. Place {TWITTER} tag in index.tpl
4. Place {TWITTER_TEXT} tag in page.add.tpl
5. Enjoy

Attention - I didn't test adding tweets together with adding pages - please test and report if it's working.

I just did little work to update it, no copyright taken and so on. Hope that nobody gets offended :) When autor updates his plugin in his repository and on his website, I might just delete this post.