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9 Tarih 2011-12-17 20:45

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#32245 2011-12-25 09:55

As said to Trustmaster this morning, it even starts with looking out how and where to post a topic like this.

Even not logged in this topic was visible, and i believe its no good for the community to show this to the outside world!

And then back to topic:

Working on the core is good, but working on themes plugins translations is poor.

No offense, i know i have been offline for a while due to work and family matters, but as starter with Pieter of the dutchcotonti, and doing the translations into dutch, i found out recently there popped up a new person Twiebie who started this. For years i've been doing this started with LDU, and Twiebie didn't even contact me bout taking it over asking for the latest translations to work on. So in my idea, where is the community feeling?

Seems like everyone is doing there own thing in Cotonti, but not sharing it...

Take a look at some plugins, paid versions but still no light versions to try for community people. maybe an idea to share it with community holders, and bring out a light version so others can have a peek and if their willing to have the full package, the the possibility to buy it!

But if this is the way how to handle its really sad. One of my websites i have ported already to WP, also because of all plugins available and themes.

And because of the way the new NL translator is handling i'm thinking bout getting in touch with Neuro to do the translations again for sed 151.

[b][/b]<br />
De plaats voor nederlandse ondersteuning voor Cotonti.<br />
The place for support for Cotonti in Dutch

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