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Copyright Plugin

The Copyright plugin enables automated copyright notice and other info output in the website footer or any other element

Yayın Tarihi 2010-04-25 04:23
Güncelle 2016-09-14 07:56

EzIPTracker ($)

Track your users and their IP's

Yayın Tarihi 2010-06-25 02:45
Güncelle 2011-11-03 10:01
Gönderen 2basix

Google Analytics

Add Google Analytics to your site

Yayın Tarihi 2009-10-24 02:51
Güncelle 2011-11-03 10:02
Gönderen Leo

Maintenance Alert

Global reminder to inform you that Maintenance Mode is on

Yayın Tarihi 2023-10-25 10:09
Güncelle 2023-12-01 08:29
Gönderen Kort

Mass move topics

Move all topics from one section to another section in forums

Yayın Tarihi 2012-03-17 09:19
Gönderen Cotonti Team

Menu Generator

Navigation menu management tool

Yayın Tarihi 2010-05-05 05:50
Güncelle 2023-05-27 10:34


Quickly ban and cleanup users

Yayın Tarihi 2011-09-13 01:56
Güncelle 2016-09-10 21:08
Gönderen Kilandor

Recent Comments in Admin Panel

Displays the recent comments on the main page of the Admin panel. It helps administrators to easily keep track of the latest comments without visiting any page.

Yayın Tarihi 2011-12-30 11:09
Güncelle 2023-04-20 08:08
Gönderen esclkm & Cotonti Team

Rights per user

Administrators can set custom rights for individual users

Yayın Tarihi 2011-11-25 21:39
Güncelle 2011-11-27 09:16
Gönderen Trustmaster

Site Trend

Search Engine Crawl Rate Tracker

Yayın Tarihi 1970-01-01 00:00
Güncelle 2011-11-19 19:46
Gönderen m_ogz

Sypex Dumper

interface for the use of "Sypex Dumper" (SQL backup script)

Yayın Tarihi 2012-02-08 10:07
Gönderen esclkm

T3 Modcp

T3 Modcp is an easy tool to manage your site's content and members. This plugin isn't created to replace your moderato...

Yayın Tarihi 2000-12-13 16:45
Güncelle 2012-01-08 08:59
Gönderen Tefra

User Manager

This plugin allows Cotonti-powered website administrator to edit, create and grant temporary group access to users accounts from the admin panel. Usermanager is compatible with the Yukon Admin Panel.

Yayın Tarihi 2015-02-16 07:41
Güncelle 2023-10-29 06:17
Gönderen Aleksey Kobak

User Manager Plugin (Genoa)

User Manager Plugin Features: 1. Manual user account creation 2. Mass-change user group 3. Mass-change user maingroup 4....

Yayın Tarihi 2009-09-17 02:20
Gönderen esclkm, Neocrome

XLS Importer

imports pages from xls file

Yayın Tarihi 2012-01-15 12:02
Güncelle 2016-09-10 20:58
Gönderen esclkm