Döküman / Cotonti Geliştirme / Uzantılar

  1. Global variables reference   The most important of Cotonti global variables listed and explained
  2. Hooks   What hooks are and how to use them in your extensions
  3. XTemplate for programmers   Using the XTemplate system, defining tags and using rows
  4. Introduction to extension development   First steps in writing plugins and modules for Cotonti
  5. Tutorial: advanced plugin development   This tutorial guides you through creation of "Rights per user" plugin
  6. Configuration values   Setting config values and using them
  7. Сustom type in config variables   Detailed survey of «Сustom» type config variables
  8. Converting Genoa plugins to Siena   This howto contains general rules and an example of how to convert 0.6.x plugins to 0.9.x