Döküman / Geliştirici Klavuzu

  1. Functions and Classes Reference   Autogenerated documentation for Cotonti files, functions and classes
  2. Technical Concepts   The basic principles of how Cotonti is built
  3. Coding Guidelines   A guide to keep your code clean and up-to-date
  4. Coding Style   The following code style is used for Cotonti CMF core and official extensions development
  5. Understanding Resource Strings   No HTML in the core please!
  6. Validation and Messages   Input validation, error messages and exception handling the Cotonti way
  7. Timezone handling in Cotonti   How Cotonti handles timezones since Siena 0.9.11
  8. Auth API   Details and functions you can use to add the rights system to your plugin
  9. Cache API   A guide for plugin, module and core developers
  10. AJAX Helpers in Cotonti   Things which make Web 2.0 closer to you
  11. Debugging with Cotonti   Oldschool way made easy!
  12. Custom Installation Scripts   You can create custom installation profiles with your own Cotonti bundles using the installation scripts feature