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Cotonti Skin Competition Participant


This is the Cotonti Skin Competition entry by gamer24.7

Live demo is available here.

1. fedai  2009-11-20 05:23

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Skin error:
DS-Axxis.css file not found
2. Trustmaster  2009-11-22 00:46

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It has 2 proper themes: Dark.css and Blue.css
3. gamer24.7  2009-12-19 04:23

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Your supposed to point the target at the theme name.

$cfg['defaultskin'] = 'DS-Axxis'; // Default skin code. Be SURE it's pointing to a valid folder in /skins/... !!
$cfg['defaulttheme'] = 'Blue'; // Default theme, only name, not like skinname.css. Be SURE it's pointing to a valid folder in /skins/defaultskin/... !!

It's working perfectly on my site.
4. Franco  2011-03-31 23:09

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i have a problem, it works, but looks bad in chrome and safari


any suggestions?

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