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Nice and clean admin panel theme for Cotonti Siena.


Administration panel theme for Cotonti Siena.

#1. Installation

  1. Upload the Foster theme to your /themes/admin/ folder.
  2. Set $cfg['admintheme'] = 'foster'; in datas/config.php to activate the theme.
  3. Copy the configsiblings plugin to your /plugins/ folder.
  4. Go to the Extensions page in your admin panel. Install the configsiblings plugin.

Note: This theme is only compatible with Siena and requires the configsiblings plugin to be installed for it to be fully functional.

Please report issues on GitHub:

1. Aristei  2013-06-23 09:05

Thanks: 0


2. Macik  2013-07-02 14:41

Thanks: 0

Looks tidy. Very well. 

But dificult tp interact on very wide screens. 

Anyway thanks!


3. Twiebie  2013-07-02 21:08

Thanks: 0

I can add an optional max width if you want, Macik?

4. Twiebie  2013-07-19 15:34

Thanks: 1

Added a max width toggle button.

5. singh336  2013-11-27 04:00

Thanks: 0

Amazing !

6. Algernon  2014-02-11 06:01

Thanks: 0

Awesome theme! Thank you!
Are you going to make the same theme for the frontend?
It would be great!

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