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Темы / Sed-Dark for Cotonti >= 0.0.6

Sed-Dark from Xiode for Cotonti


The Sed-Dark skin from Xiode adapted for Cotonti.

Version for Cotonti < 0.0.6
Version for Cotonti >= 0.0.6

1. rayblo  21.04.2009 04:41

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nice work m8 keep on going!
2. Trustmaster  21.04.2009 23:00

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Thanks for keeping this skin up2date!
3. Blikes  22.04.2009 09:57

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4. biro  24.04.2009 04:38

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i already had ot on mysite before this release

i had to make some css and php coding
5. pieter  26.04.2009 20:43

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I just used the sed-light with the CSS of sed-dark + the extra CSS in sed-light(like ratings)
So no PHP coding needed.

And for the markitup I added CSS to css-file to change the background color.
6. pieter  05.07.2009 19:27

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A version where the cotonti-logo is separate from the background.
Download here
Just change banner.jpg with your logo and done.
It was made for use with rotate-banner-plugin. More info

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