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#1 15.07.2013 15:04

Versiyon: Genoa

Category: Security Portal


waiting for your comments .

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waiting for your comments .

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#2 16.07.2013 12:21

Why did you pick Genoa instead of Siena? Development for Genoa has pretty much come to a halt.

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#3 16.07.2013 21:36

My suggestion to you is not a good thing hacking. this friendly advice. under the name of a security if you use it even worse. Investigate the history of the history of hacking. You will see sites like this for the lifetime of the butterfly life. its useful things yönelip effort to other areas. We're out of hacking. this is not ethical to use your ambitions exceed cotonti. You're a Turk himself worthy and try things that are good for people

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