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My new theme 2013

#1 29.01.2013 01:17


Отредактировано: elfrenazo (22.05.2013 06:38, 8 лет назад)
#2 29.01.2013 01:58

I think that theme looks amazing. But I see one thing that might make it look a little better. For the menu's around that image try unrounding the bottom of the top one, and the top of the bottom one and completely unrounding the image. Other wise that looks amazing.

#3 29.01.2013 04:32

had intended to frame the entire menu with a square bottom. I have to resize css and images. Thanks for your suggestion smiley

#4 29.01.2013 06:44

I like it very much, great job!

May the Source be with you!
#5 29.01.2013 10:15

Nice and colourful, well done!

#6 29.01.2013 18:06

Hi Trustmaster and Twiebie, thanks! yes

Added 2 months later:

I decided to use this design Twiebie,
I encountered many mobile devices.
I believe that good theme is self-adjusting...

Отредактировано: elfrenazo (08.04.2013 01:54, 8 лет назад)
#7 08.04.2013 12:47

Cool, good luck!