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Progress thread for german langpack updates

#1 19.05.2011 14:25

just in case someone more often reads the english forums than the rarely used german section: I've just finished my german siena locale which I'd like to share with you for testing. Informal version, core, modules, plugins and standard themes included.
download here!
Because my site still runs on genoa and probably will do it a while, I cannot fully test each and every string for errors yet. However, most things should work for now and the rest are small bugs. Once the pakage becomes as correct as possible, I'll put it into the official download section. Or maybe I'll contribute to the SVN, depending on my time to engage with versioning systems.
Corrections and comments welcome!

Steffen aka Schulle4u

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#2 27.06.2011 02:17

coole scheisse :)

URL shortener: <a href="http://bbm.li/!7AD5C7">http://bbm.li/!7AD5C7</a>
#3 02.07.2011 09:06
Pakage updated; fixed typos, resorted countries list. Testers please re-download from the above URL.

Added 3 hours later:

Updated to 0.9.3!

Added 1 week later:

- a formal version is now available, useful for companies and other professional audience.
- hopefully corrected all encoding errors, cotonti no longer shows html entities and the files are in UTF-8.
- fixed minor translation mistakes.
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#4 13.07.2011 10:30

Please consider adding it to the downloads area

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#5 13.07.2011 16:35
Hmm, yes I think the pakage is now stable enough to add it as an official download. Will add it shortly...

Added 1 month later:

Updated to 0.9.4, I hope nothing's missing. :)

Added 3 months later:

Updated to 0.9.6
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#6 06.12.2011 12:30

Nice, good to know you're keeping track of updates.

#7 01.02.2012 10:55

Updated to 0.9.7

Added 2 months later:

Sorry for bein a bit late this time. Pakage updated to 0.9.8. As the view module, forumstats, massmovetopics, and usersbyfirstletter are no longer included in the main pakage, the appropriate language files can now be found in the /extra folder.

Added 1 week later:

And here is the update for 0.9.9, please re-download the language pakage.

Added 1 month later:

And the 0.9.10 update has been applied.

Added 2 months later:

And the 0.9.11 update is out.

Added 4 months later:

Here comes the update with another wonderful set of moved lines and small additions.

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