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#1 15.12.2008 01:06
hi there :)

is there a problem with forums here? if you look at core labs part on forums.php you'll see:

but when you open the core labs subforum you'll see :

this is strange, since it only shows on some subforums (it's the same on bugs subforum)

#2 15.12.2008 04:47
There is no bug, It shows the latest topic from that forum or its subforums on the main page. Thats the way it is supposed to work.
#3 15.12.2008 05:11
i think you're missing the point..

you need to look at dates ;)
#4 15.12.2008 05:13
He means it's not showing the time stamp for that post like it does for all of the other forums.
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#5 15.12.2008 09:02
With the date all right. This short format that excludes information about the Year
Pavlo Tkachenko aka Dayver
#6 15.12.2008 16:57

please take a goooooood look..

or i should write this:

Jquery data picker
[b]10-28 18:59[/b] oc

and then when you enter in core labs subforum:

you'll see

index and pages
[b]10-28 18:59[/b] killer sneak

while the right topic is:

Jquery data picker
oc[b]4 hours 53 minutes[/b] 

it's all on pictures..

do you get it now?
#7 15.12.2008 17:19
It shows the date for that exact forum, not the latest topic in its subforums, that's the problem.
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#8 16.12.2008 05:27
yeah, and everywhere else it seams to work just fine :con
#9 16.12.2008 15:42
Is it on this site only or you've noticed it on your site first? Because we haven't updated cotonti.com to latest trunk yet, I think it's still at some old revision like 90 or even 60.
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#10 16.12.2008 16:41
Correct Cotonti.com is still only n0.0.1 (basicly)
#11 16.12.2008 23:59
But really if you pay more attention to the timestamps they are all messed. Sometimes they are from wrong subforums/threads, sometimes they don't take user timezone into account. So we should take a better look at timestamps in forums.
May the Source be with you!