Move adminqv to core?

87.5% 14
12.5% 2

16 Дата 07.11.2009 05:40

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Kort Онлайн
#1 07.11.2009 05:40
Since admin panel is now completely skinnable, how about moving adminqv plugin to core? - создание сайтов, разработка плагинов и тем для Котонти
#2 07.11.2009 05:48
Idea Is not new ) - мой маленький зарождающийся блог о котонти.
снижение стоимости программирования и снижение стоимости производства разные вещи. Первое можно скорее сравнить с раздачей работникам дешевых инструментов, чем со снижением зарплаты
Kort Онлайн
#3 07.11.2009 06:01
- 1 plugin less :)
- easy removal (just edit tpl-file)
- simplified html-coding of the admin homepage
none! - создание сайтов, разработка плагинов и тем для Котонти
#4 07.11.2009 06:42
I voted Yes because I fully agree with Kort.

Please if you are voting No pleas write why
Pavlo Tkachenko aka Dayver
#5 07.11.2009 21:41
<a href="">Surreal Art</a>
#6 07.11.2009 23:39
what are the pro's and the contra's?

Except the one's from Kort?
... can we help you ...
#7 08.11.2009 01:10
I have voted yes;
In all honesty, Cotonti is a VERY streamlined cms.
It's stable, reliable and I'm 100% happy with it!
My guess is, that if adminqv is moved to core, Cotonti will be even more streamlined :)
And, taking the speed that it has now, it can only be faster :)
#8 08.11.2009 03:26
First I didn't know what this was so I looked it up...
It generally is just a bunch off links with good info about the system, I never used
it before, but maybe I will in the future ;)

Everybody probably leaves this plugin running by default installation, If this is the case then just put it standard in the core.. (this is a valid reason to start with).

If you want to strip cotonti down the the bare minumum, then it is easier if it stays a plugin.
This way just uninstall it. This is usefull too...

I know some CMS systems that has a lot off extra bagage (fat) because everything is just installed and those systems get hard to maintain / develop in as they grow... They usually get slower when they grow.

Hope Cotonti stays a clean, mean CMF machine... B)
So just let adminqv a plugin IF it doesn't matter too much in the speed...

Give me ONE very good reason to put this in the core... (I really don't know, so I am not voting)
==- I say: Keep it EZ -==
#9 08.11.2009 13:48
As plugin since its admin you gain or lose nothing.

However it removes 1 TPL file, the links can just then be placed into core TPL. And maybe add a few lang strings.

Updater code thats in adminqv, will end up being moved to a different plugin, or i'll likely just make it core.