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Link Cotonti with FaceBook

#1 22.09.2009 01:26
FaceBook Connect establishes cross-site interconnection between FaceBook and many other third party sites, one of which might be yours. It allows:
  • Registering and logging into your site with an existing FaceBook account.
  • Grab personal information from user's FaceBook account.
  • Propose your site to user's friends via FaceBook.
  • Track friends' activities on your site. Friends on FB are friends on your site too.
  • Publish information from your site as FB user Stories.
  • Provide your own FB user Actions.
  • Use various Social Widgets on your site.

For more information and examples please read FaceBook Connect Wiki. There are FBConnect plugins available in other CMS. Why not make one for Cotonti? A must have for social oriented sites!

This is quite a big deal, so we propose it as a collaborative investment project. That means 3 types of participants:
  1. Investors are interested in using the plugin on their sites and are able to invest money into the project. Investors share expenses among each other which is much cheaper than if they ordered it personally.
  2. Developers are interested in working on the project and getting paid for it. They should have both practical interest in it and skills to implement it. There may be one or several developers.
  3. Project manager is person who controls everything: specification, cash flow, work progress and results. It may be either one of investors or one of developers.

Investors are likely to be people who run large community sites, or share personal information, or would like to become a FaceBook application provider.

Skills required from Developers: PHP coding skills (incl. OOP), SQL, JavaScript, REST and some XML knowledge (for XFBML). And Cotonti of course.

Please post here if you'd like to participate in this project. As an investor you should tell how much money you can contribute (either in percent of total expenses or some absolute sum). As a developer please tell why you want to do it and what relevant skills you have. Or let us know what you think about this project anyways.
May the Source be with you!
#2 22.09.2009 04:32
Do you have any approximation for how much time/money this would take? I'd be interested in chipping in for both since they would provide extremely valuable additions to cotonti and possibly even make this THE reason for the rest of the people to upgrade.

Apart from the many improvements so far :D
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#3 22.09.2009 06:31
I am an ametuer web designer, and I am wishing to help out over in the Development area. I know PHP/SQL well, not really Javascript, but I have mastered HTML, XHTML, and XML (all related).

I have been using Cotonti ever since that day when Trustmaster posted that topic over at neocrome.net, and LDU since... well I'm not exactly sure, but for a VERY long time :D

May I also suggest as I am not only an avid Facebook user but also a Twitter user that we take into consideration doing a twitter plugin as well.
#4 22.09.2009 07:02
You know i'll help develop it :)
#5 22.09.2009 07:58
Although I'm saving money for college tuition, I also could be your mini-investor. Just drop me a message and I'll see how I can help the community. :D
#6 22.09.2009 23:14
Hi guys, as investor I approve first of all FBconnect plugin for 2 reasons :
1. viral effects for your site...open id NO
2. FB accounts overlap other social network accounts

I can help you with ideas and financing it until 50% of total expenditures.

Cotonti rulez ;)
#7 24.09.2009 03:20
I have already developed something similar in the past (as a school project), for the dutch #1 social networking site Hyves. It has an API which uses oAuth for user authentication. Actually I've also thought about doing a Hyves plugin for Cotonti. I'm willing to work on the development of this project.
#8 14.10.2009 23:33
Like always,

I am willing to be an investor.

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#9 04.11.2009 08:07
Do you have any idea on how much this project would be so we can start estimating how much the donations need to be? Just some general number :)
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#10 04.11.2009 15:15
Well, I have started with some practical stuff rather than estimations. Overall everything seemed too complex when reading FaceBook docs, so I decided to split this plugin into several small parts, each can be developed and paid separately.

The first part I'm currently debugging is called directly "FBConnect". It provides very basic functionality which is
  • Letting people quick register with their existing FaceBook accounts
  • Letting users quick log in with their FaceBook accounts
  • Letting existing users attach their FB accounts to their Cotonti profile
  • Providing basic objects and connection for other plugins to utilize FaceBook in Cotonti
I will also probably integrate a notification/invitation into this plugin or make it a separate plugin.

What can be done after this basic FBConnect functionality is available? Here are some examples:
  • Use "social widgets" almost without any coding at all, just with XFBML in your templates.
  • FaceBook Profile plugin to display FB profile details on your site and publish stories from your site to user profile
  • FaceBook Friends plugin to make FB friends also friends on your site and provide some social interaction
  • FaceBook Social Comments plugin (normally is done via XFBML but could be extended for better integration)
  • FaceBook Profile Boxes plugin to post content on FB profile boxes
  • FaceBook Publisher plugin for more sophisticated content publishing in user stream
  • FaceBook Pages plugin: make an automated FaceBook page for your site
  • FaceBook Gallery, FaceBook Sharing, whatsoever
May the Source be with you!
#11 04.11.2009 19:59
That's awesome. I've been really impressed with some of the functionality created for wordpress, especially the ability to tie in fb galleries to websites and user interaction as facebook users.
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#12 19.11.2009 05:07
I see the first progress here at cotonti. There is a facebook connect button.
What does it do?
... can we help you ...
#13 19.11.2009 17:20
There is an algorithm which explains how the basic fbconnect plugin works:
  1. If you are logged in Cotonti and FaceBook, it links your FaceBook account with your Cotonti account and provides plugin developers with connectivity objects.
  2. If you are logged in Cotonti but not FaceBook, you can use that button to link your FaceBook account as well.
  3. If you are registered with Cotonti and have a FaceBook account attached to your profile, you can use that button to log in quickly with FB, or use traditional login form as well.
  4. If you are not registered with Cotonti and have a FaceBook account, clicking that button and logging with FaceBook leads you to a registration form, where some fields have been already filled with data from your FaceBook account, so it saves time filling the form. After you submit the form, your account is validated automatically and you get logged in immediately.
  5. If you are logged in FaceBook but not Cotonti and have a Cotonti account with this FB account attached, Cotonti will log you in automatically. Unfortunately, there's currently no way to log out in this case, until you log out from FaceBook (there's a FB API bug).
  6. If you are logged in FaceBook but your Cotonti account exists with no FB ID yet, despite the fact you are redirected to registration form, you can use normal login and it will link your accounts then.
There are some bugs to fix and also some settings to add, so that this behavior is more configurable.
May the Source be with you!
#14 20.11.2009 06:48
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#15 19.01.2010 21:51
I can release the first part as beta. No time to finish it and write documentation yet.
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