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#1 03.08.2009 01:14
Currently, when you are logged in, you can still veiw the login screen ( http://cotonti.com/users.php?m=auth ). This should be changed and made so that you get an error message ("You are already logged in! Redirecting...) and it redirects you to the homepage (or some other page like that).
#2 03.08.2009 01:28
true every time i go to get somethig to eat and when i coe back i'm logged of and when i click the homepage i'm back online
#3 03.08.2009 02:48
Well really I see no reason to change it, it doesn't hurt anything. It allows people to switch users if need be.
#4 03.08.2009 02:56
Aw it just hurt me :D
#5 03.08.2009 03:25
# Joy : Aw it just hurt me :D

well, suck it up, be a man..
#6 03.08.2009 06:56
I do agree it makes more sense to show a message if already logged in.

The bug that Joy mentions is a different subject, but I'm often having the same problem (mostly when writing a long post which can take quite some time).
#7 03.08.2009 14:46
It should not log you off though, if you logged with "Remember me". It should just say something like "Your session has expired, try again" and show you the form with the text you have previously entered.
May the Source be with you!
#8 03.08.2009 15:33

on some occasions I damned cotonti for expiring my sessions whilst typing long posts.. Never, ever saw that warning you've posted.. Lost all text.. Now I type it localy and copy/past it.. (upside is that I do not have to damn cotonti anymore :p)
#9 03.08.2009 15:37
This was supposed to be fixed in 0.0.6, ensure the version please.
May the Source be with you!