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#1 04.04.2009 15:46
When I click on any username in who's online on index, instead of showing me that user's profile, it takes me to users.php.
#2 04.04.2009 16:25
I noticed that with cotonti.com yesterday too
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#3 04.04.2009 17:04
also, when clicking on any user in users.php, it does the same thing.. instead of showing profile, it just gets back to users.php
#4 04.04.2009 17:53
This problem was before also when upgrading here to 0.0.3.
It has to do with the rewrites.

For your name musiconly it is
and should be

I guess it is because of the update to 0.0.4.

The rewrites are not ok.
... can we help you ...
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