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#1 22.03.2009 05:03

I used the English language files from TRUNK to make the dutch translation.
But they mis some tags

eg adminqv

We are missing some titles $L['plu_ql_bX_title'] b2 till b4
And for B4 we are missing everything.

Haven't checked the rest for the moment.
Is there a reason why this is, or is it an error?
... can we help you ...
Отредактировано: pieter (22.03.2009 05:15, 15 лет назад)
#2 22.03.2009 16:46
You got it right, pieter. However, if you check the template, you'll see that the missing strings have been replaced by the strings from main.lang.php. That's one of the major issues we're working on: use main.lang.php first. Hope this answers your question.
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