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#1 13.03.2009 01:37
Community Like, or not?

in the "what we need!" post i read somewhere about a more 21st century like userprofile and community like behaviour of the user part of cotonti.

since in the old forums and here a lot of ppl are asking about more reliable and complex functions for the users i was wondering why nobody made a whole solution out of this.
so iam re-doing the usergal, with more community and share features, i was thinking why not doing the user thing and contribute a byte more to cotonti. ;)

so why this post.
since iam not in every community around the web active i wanted to ask you folks what would be the prefered functions or possibilities i could programm into such a community plugin?

iam open to ANY suggestion. first we collect and later we sort out!

some ideas i was playing in my mind with :
    - comments
    - ratings
    - email & pm functions
    - buddy lists
    - usergal - slideshow
    - usergal - last images
    - usergal - mp3player solution (with single and multiple files support)
    - usergal - videoplayer solution ( " )
    - badges (or more like a point system to do something, or a award system)
    - user can change content of his/hers userprofile
    - user can skin his profile with css (maybe not a good idea but worth thinking 'bout it)
    - traking of buddys (buddy wrote something in forums/pages -> you see it first)
    - creating usergroups (public/membership/invite function)
    - layout of profile is user selectable ( 3 rows | 2 rows | tabs | etc. )
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#2 13.03.2009 01:43
We already have this programmed, just need to release it, but if you want to do one as well, I can put some suggestions:

- friend system (not like the buddy system released, but actual friending where one person has to aprove the other)
- wall posting (plugin already made, but can be improved with pagination, editing, flagging, threading)
- custom boxes that users can add or remove

I suggest checking myspace/facebook/deviantart for some ideas on what we're missing.
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#3 13.03.2009 01:50
i would do mine as well as i want to have some functions implemented for the usergal.
as you may know it already supports most flickr, myspace etc things like slideshows, user mp3player and such.

i simply wanted to make it more "fitting" as afterwards inserted in something existing different...
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#4 13.03.2009 01:57
You could also check the friend activity plugin in drupal which tracks your activity across multiple networks and posts it in your profile. Amazing piece of code.
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#5 13.03.2009 02:34
nice idea, already had this code on my desk the last days...
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#6 13.03.2009 12:41
Social Groups like vBulletin :)
#7 14.03.2009 02:32
is the social groups different from normal groups?
i mean normal groups with things like invite users, request invitations, public, with password etc...
and with combination with usergal it could be handled like a user that can create own gallerys slideshows mp3player etc...
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#8 14.03.2009 04:18
Also please check gather/friendster/bebo/hi5 how they have this set up. This is one of the most important things we're missing.

But first please fix that slideshow bug thingie :)
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#9 16.03.2009 00:51
wont fix anything in the current releases.
will final the current on-work version and air it in the next days.

then i'll do most likly a half/half recode of the core of the usergal and explement a few things like the bbcode functions and rebuild the slideshow. this should do the trick.

not sure when i have a version ready for release but i think it could be done until august.
have some weeks holiday there.

about the gather/friendster/etc... as i said i don't have all everywhere accounts and i prefer not to register on every site. so i wanted to know which functions that comunitys offers that may be easy integrated. so maybe a more descriptive suggestion?
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#10 19.03.2009 20:20
something like this

#11 20.03.2009 00:58
yeah seems like the right thing.
i wanted to make it a bit more complex ;)
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#12 20.03.2009 12:46
Sure :)... when can we se it? :)
#13 20.03.2009 19:27
around august i think
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#14 10.04.2009 02:00
# GiGanT : something like this

Something like that would have been awesome!
#15 21.04.2009 22:05
currently wokring on the plugin.

trying to have different parts that can be disabled/enabled like a small plugin framework.
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